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Ninja® 1000 Wins Motorcycle of the Year!
The esteemed editors at Motorcyclist magazine have named the Kawasaki Ninja® 1000 as the 2011 Motorcycle of the Year! They validated their decision by saying: “When $10,499 delivers more motorcycle to more people than anything in anyone else’s showroom, our Motorcycle of the Year… it’s Kawasaki’s Ninja 1000.”

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New Cycle World Ninja® 1000 Experience blog
The new Cycle World Ninja® 1000 Experience blog gives readers valuable insight on the real life experiences and observations of ten different veteran riders. Chosen to spend 90 days of quality time with a new Ninja 1000 sportbike, these riders provide an unfiltered look into what it’s really like to live with this powerful, yet practical sportbike in the real world.
Super Streetbike Magazine Review: Ninja® 1000
“If having a lady on the back is part of your intended sportbike ownership experience you’ll (both) be happy the Ninja 1000’s designers actually thought about passengers instead of slapping on a vinyl piece of plywood as an afterthought.”
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Motorcyclist Magazine Review: Ninja® 1000
“The longish-stroke four is instantly obliging from 3000 rpm up–a reassuring feature for making safe, quick progress on unfamiliar roads. And just north of 6500 rpm, it pulls hard enough to condense time and space into a pleasantly addictive little neurological aperitif.”

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