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Team Green | 11/20/2012
Monster Energy Kawasaki Team Green Kicks Off the 2012 Thor Winter Olympics at the Front of the Pack
Monster Energy Kawasaki Team Green Kicks Off the 2012 Thor Winter Olympics at the Front of the Pack
Irvine, Calif. (November 20, 2012) – Following two days of qualifying division races for supercross, Monster Energy Kawasaki Team Green displayed their dominance by winning eight qualifiers and taking 32 top-three qualifying positions. Leading Team Green was Garrett Marchbanks on his KX™85 and Austin Forkner on his KX™100. Marchbanks won the 85 (9-11) Stock and Modified classes, while Forkner led the Supermini 1 (12-15) class and 85 (12-13) Modified class. Team Green’s Carter Halpain, Keith Johnson, and Mike Treadwell will also have first gate pick for tomorrow’s main events after wins in their qualifiers.
A Field of Green
Of the 32 Kawasaki podium finishes, Team Green’s vet racers were the most dominant. Johnson and Treadwell took wins in the Plus 35 and Plus 40 classes, respectively, and were joined by Kawasaki riders John Grewe, Scott Sheak, Taylor Mcdonald, and Team Green’s Earl May. In the Plus 35 class, the Kawasaki KX™450F swept the top-four positions and made up half of the field.

“My KX450F feels awesome on the supercross track,” said Treadwell. “I got two great starts including a holeshot which I went on to lead every lap. Hopefully I can carry this momentum into tomorrow’s main events and grab some titles.”
Thor Winter Olympics - Supercross
Gatorback Cycle Park - Gainesville, Fla.

First Place Qualifiers

Garrett Marchbanks – 85 (9-11) Stock
Austin Forkner – Supermini 1 (12-15)
Keith Johnson – Plus 35
Mike Treadwell – Plus 40
Garrett Marchbanks – 85 (9-11) Modified
Carter Halpain – 85 (9-11) Modified
Tommy Maxey – Supermini 2 (13-16)
Austin Forkner – 85 (12-13) Modified

Second Place Qualifiers
Lance Kobusch – 85 (9-11) Stock
John Grewe – Plus 45
Jordan Jarvis – Girls (9-11)
Mike Treadwell – Plus 35
Tanner Stack – 85(12-13) Stock
Henry Miller – Open B Stock
Keith Johnson – Plus 40
Christina Older – Women (12+)
Lance Kobusch – 85 (9-11) Modified
Zac Commans – Schoolboy (13-16)
Zachery Bishop-Burnett – 250 B Modified
Darian Sanayei – 250 B Modified
Austin Pare – Open C Modified
Tanner Stack – 85 (12-13) Modified

Third Place Qualifiers
Darian Sanayei – 250 B Stock
Nathan Hall – 250 C Stock
Cater Halpain – 85 (9-11) Stock
Earl May – Plus 45
Scott Sheak – Plus 35
Taylor McDonald – Plus 25
Morgan Moss – Open B Stock
Scott Sheak – Plus 30
Brodie Keefe – Open C Modified
Sean Cantrell – 85 (12-13) Modified
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